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Bookkeeping Testimonials

As a BAS Agent and owner of CFM Bookkeeping I'm ready to exceed your expectations.

My expert Bookkeeping Services and knowledge extend much further than most 'regular' Bookkeepers. You'll discover just how much difference it makes when we work together.

Read on and Listen to interviews with some of the successful business owners I've had the pleasure of working with ...

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From uncertainty to confidence. Huge Benefit.
Now planning to open more stores

- Below are some written excerpts from Alex's 13min 19sec interview -
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"Before you had a look at our accounts we sat down as a team and knew it was a disaster to be perfectly honest"

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Alex's full 13min 19sec interview

"...we were looking at transparency with our business. We wanted to know where we sat on our P&Ls. We wanted to know where we sat on our Balance Sheet, and our Cash Flow. They were the 3 things that we were really looking for because we couldn't make any further decisions on our business - on where to go - until we found out where we sat … we just wanted to get there as quickly as possible and we knew that you were the person who was going to really help us get there ..."

"All the layman's language was great for us because we didn't want to hear all the fancy talk, we wanted to just basically hear stuff that we could understand, and we felt that also being able to liaise with our tax accountant, and have a great relationship between our tax accountant and yourself, really gave us confidence that we could virtually leave the bookkeeping side of our business to someone who knew what they were doing and we could just move ahead and do the things that we do best, which is selling product..."

"We didn't even know there was a service available where your bookkeeper can liaise with your tax accountant and you're confident that you know the job was getting done correctly ... that was a huge advantage for us"

"There was a lot of advice and expertise that came along with yourself that perhaps you couldn't put a dollar figure on... "

"We've now been able to think ahead, and plan ahead for new businesses and more stores because now we have the tools to be able to know where our cash flow will be 6 months ahead..."

"We felt the fee was more than reasonable, in actual fact, we probably thought it would have been higher than that for the service that we were getting ..."

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how professional bookkeeping has
helped his businesses



Ryan 'worked his magic' for 2010 BRW Fast Starter. Now pay less in accounting fees

- Below are some written excerpts from Victor's 9min 23sec interview -
(Press the 'PLAY' button below to hear the complete interview)

"It was great for us to get that reward of being one of the 100 fastest [growing] companies in the country...we worked hard to get there and also with your help we put our financial systems in place [which] helped us to grow it as well."

  Press the 'PLAY' button to hear
Victor's full 9min 23sec interview

"...basically Ryan came on board and "worked his magic" as they say. With half a dozen different companies that we own he had to develop a whole range of things for us to make our financial systems much more simple & easier to understand for ourselves, and also to pass that information onto our accountants [that] in turn made their job a lot easier and cost us a lot less in accounting fees..."

"Price is only an issue if you're not getting a quality job. If you're paying someone less, yet they're not doing the job properly, then you shouldn't have been paying them at all really. The key thing to paying somebody is, paying someone with the right skill set, and when someone is dealing with your bookkeeping they really need to have an accounting background to best structure your bookkeeping and to best help you put that information together for your accountant. It's imperative that someone has both skill sets to really give you in your business (at least in my experience) better quality financial information."

"If bookkeepers don't have that accounting experience they can stuff it up a little bit and give you information that's not quite accurate and it takes you off the path. But with the accounting experience and having that knowledge as well as the bookkeeping experience combined, is I think the winning formula to having up-to-date, accurate accounts that allow you to guide your company to where it needs to go. Faster really."

"If anyone is thinking of taking you on Ryan, as a client I'd highly advise them to do that. Our experience has been fantastic. Again, having that accounting background as well as the bookkeeping has really given us much better quality information, in a better time-frame, and the work ethic was fantastic…"

Press PLAY above to hear the two (2)
characteristics Victor feels are vital
when choosing a bookkeeper



Tax Accountant impressed. Great benefit to clients

"I have had the experience of attending to clients accounting and tax requirements where Ryan Gollan has done their bookkeeping and GST related work during the past four years or so.

In all these instances, I have found Ryan's work to be accurate, complete and meticulously attended to. His knowledge and experience in bookkeeping and accounting has greatly assisted me in completing my work for such clients.

Ryan has impressed me with his attention to detail and accuracy in all work done by him. His experience and knowledge of accounting and tax related issues pertaining to bookkeeping has been of great benefit to both his clients and has enabled me to attend to these clients statutory financial statements and tax return preparation with confidence.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ryan Gollan to clients as a diligent bookkeeper and as someone competent to assist with their GST, BAS and other accounting related matters




Cash Flow Training Brilliant

"The Chamber of Commerce needed to do some strategic planning. Part of this involved setting up our Cash Flow Forecast so we could look forward & plan with confidence.

I'd touched on forecasting before but it had been a while. I was asked to turn this around quickly with figures my boss could rely on - so the pressure was on! I decided to get Ryan in for some one-on-one training specifically on our cash flow forecasting as time was of the essence. Ryan had helped with some previous bookkeeping advice so I knew he could provide the answers we needed.

The one-on-one Cash Flow Forecasting training was brilliant. He was able to show me how to get the figures we needed quickly which saved lots of time and stress! He broke everything down step-by-step and because the training was specific to our situation we've been able to easily incorporate cash flow forecasting into part of our bookkeeping function going forward.

Ryan is an absolute pleasure to deal with and anyone who needs accounting/bookkeeping & cash flow advice will benefit greatly from his small business knowledge & expertise."

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Troubleshooting brings accounts into balance

"Ryan Gollan came to my business to run a few checks on our financials and general bookkeeping practices.

His attention to detail and his honest and down to earth approach helped us solve a number of issues that were a cause for concern. Ryan helped bring our accounts to balance."




2 year paper chasing 'nightmare' turned into achievable task for Sole Trader

"I first contacted Ryan feeling overwhelmed and defeated. I was 7 months pregnant and had to complete nearly two years of backdated financial information for our building business before the arrival of our child, and did not know where to start.

In my first conversation with Ryan, he was very positive, and able to explain some alternatives for overcoming the paperwork challenges we faced, including simple filing systems for all of our receipts, and for meeting our taxation obligations.

When we met Ryan face to face, he listened to our issues and spent a lot of time providing solutions. He has always been friendly, approachable and available to answer our queries. This, his quality of accessibility is one which I appreciate about Ryan. He always promptly returns phone calls and emails. After understanding our position, he was able to let me know ahead of time what things to look out for, and also exactly what information the Tax Accountant will need and why. This removed the uncertainty and was a huge benefit.

On two occasions he went out of his way to visit me at my home office to assist me in preparing documents for our accountant, as I was very close to the due date of my baby's arrival. Ryan even brought us a congratulatory bottle of champagne when she was born!!

I recommend Ryan's professional services very highly, as his personal approach and clear explanations helped me turn a paper-chasing nightmare into a do-able, achievable task.

Ryan, your patience & expertise are much appreciated. Those looking for a new bookkeeper should look no further. Our business has benefitted greatly from your input…I can't thank you enough!"




First time business owner starts out on the right foot. Very beneficial.

"Starting my own business I wanted to make sure I set things up correctly in terms of bookkeeping and BAS right from the outset. It was important to me to get someone experienced because I wanted to keep track of my financial position and make sure I was putting enough money away for each BAS and for Tax so I don't get any nasty surprises come Tax time.

I contacted Ryan after a friend's recommendation and in all dealings I've found him to be professional, knowledgeable and easy going.

His ability to make things simple to understand and to let me know what to expect in the months ahead, instead of just looking back, has been very beneficial. It's comforting to have certainty about where things are headed and the cash flow forecasting has been valuable in this respect.

Ryan is a pleasure to deal with and I'd recommend that anyone looking for an experienced and knowledgeable bookkeeper seek him out."



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