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Expert Bookkeeping Services ... with a Twist.

All men and women aren’t created equal. Neither are bookkeepers.

Being a CFM Bookkeeping client means all your GST, BAS, PAYG, Superannuation and ATO compliance needs are taken care of ... that's a given. That's what any Registered BAS Agent Bookkeeper does.

The difference with the CFM Bookkeeping service is what happens next.

With a strong Management Accounting approach and a small business Cash Flow focus I'm in the perfect position to use your business 'numbers' to give you the vital information you need to Measure, Manage and Grow your business more successfully.

It’s easy to do ... once you know what to look for.

It only takes a few extra minutes a week and the benefits are immense. Why? Because the ‘numbers’ in your books hold the key to your financial future - but only when you can 'read' them correctly and respond accordingly.

Pity is, not many business owners know what to look for or have the right support in this area. Now they do. That’s my speciality.

Support from a Qualified Accountant and Cash Flow Specialist

You'll not only know your business results and Cash Flow position at all times, you'll have someone who can 'read' and 'interpret' your numbers with you, breaking it all down in 100% plain English.

We'll review your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet together on a monthly basis and even more regularly for your Cash Flow forecast (depending on your business cycle and working capital requirements).

Always be in-tune with how your business is performing, what areas may need extra attention and what you need to keep an eye on in the months ahead. I liase with your Tax Accountant to ensure everything is being handled in the best possible way from a tax perspective.

An Expert Bookkeeping Service by a BAS Agent providing 'Numbers' you can Rely On

Your business 'numbers' are prepared from a Management Accounting perspective but when we review your performance we talk in terms of the human element. Numbers don't run businesses - people do - but opportunities and inefficiencies always show up in your numbers!

When you put great people and systems in place your business 'numbers' will take care of themselves. But first you need numbers you can rely on. And then you need to know what to look for and what it all really means for you as a business owner. That's my speciality.

Together we take your business 'numbers' and make them useful to YOU as a business owner (not just for the Tax man). We'll go through some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to your situation so you know what targets need to be hit to ensure you make the money you want to make. Being a Cash Flow Forecasting & Management specialist I look forward at all times to make sure there are no financial 'surprises' for you and your business ... this pro-active approach really sets CFM Bookkeeping apart from the rest.

Strong Cash Flow Management is my speciality because it's Critical to Business Success

You'll often hear strong ‘Cash Flow’ is vitally important to business growth but keeping on top of it can prove challenging for many business owners in the day-to-day operations. That's where you need an experienced & knowledgeable Bookkeeper to come in and provide the right answers and day-to-day support you really need.

At Cash Flow Management (CFM) Bookkeeping I know how to overcome the challenges Dun & Bradstreet are talking about. It’s just what I do.

I don’t like any financial ‘surprises’ and neither should you. Your business results are used to look ahead at all times so you can plan with confidence. It’s all part of the standard CFM Bookkeeping service, because it has to be. Your business success depends on it.


Forecasting allows business to plan for more stores

"We needed someone who could help us, in a way consult our business, and be able to read the numbers and forecast well ahead."

"We've now been able to think ahead, and plan ahead for new businesses and more stores because now we have the tools to be able to know where our cash flow will be 6 months ahead … there was a lot of advice and expertise that came along with yourself that perhaps you couldn't put a dollar figure on..."




Cash Flow Forecasting Brilliant

"The one-on-one Cash Flow Forecasting training was brilliant...and because the training was specific to our situation we've been able to easily incorporate cash flow forecasting into part of our bookkeeping function going forward.

Ryan is an absolute pleasure to deal with and anyone who needs accounting/bookkeeping & cash flow advice will benefit greatly from his small business knowledge & expertise."




The Winning Formula for 2010 BRW Fast Starter

" ... basically Ryan came on board and "worked his magic" as they say.

With half a dozen different companies that we own he had to develop a whole range of things for us to make our financial systems much more simple & easier to understand for ourselves, and also to pass that information onto our accountants who [which] in turn made their job a lot easier and costs us a lot less in accounting fees now.

... when someone is dealing with your bookkeeping they really need to have an accounting background to best structure your bookkeeping and to best help you put that information together for your accountant. It's imperative that someone has both skill sets to really give you in your business - at least in my experience - better quality financial information.

[That] is I think, the winning formula to having up-to-date, accurate accounts that allow you to guide your company to where it needs to go. Faster really."




So what's the next step?

If you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable & trustworthy bookkeeper that can add real value to your business, I look forward to talking with you. Call or fill in the contact form below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I specialise in giving business owners the control and visibility they need to Measure, Manage and Grow their business more successfully. Think of me as your very own Management Accountant, Financial Controller and Cash Flow Manager ... all for the affordable price of a Bookkeeper.

Start looking forward instead of back. That’s the CFM Bookkeeping difference.

Ryan Gollan
CFM Bookkeeping


Your business unique? Got Questions? Need more?

No problem, let's talk. I specialise in all things 'numbers'.

Fill out the form below or call so we can discuss your specific book keeping needs.

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Your details are NEVER given to others. That's just not cool. I respect privacy.

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